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09 June 2010 @ 02:53 pm
By Cho Kyuhyun


No matter how I say it, Donghae hyung holds a very high place in my heart. I remember when I first joined SJ as the 13th member, I felt very uneasy, but hyung would always give me strength, whenever I got depressed, he was always there to encourage me, I really love this kind of hyung.

It was my first time to be away from home for such a long time in a foreign country; our fans gave me warmth, but I still can't escape from missing my parents, and it was the first time I understood Han Geng hyung and Kibum hyung's pain. I wanted to cry because I missed my parents, but Donghae hyung was always there to quietly comfort me. I know that hyung misses his parents more than anyone else -- his father in heaven, and his mother in Mokpo. Even if he does mention his father, who has passed away, hyung never cries in front of the camera. Having a sensitive personality, hyung used to cry often, but because he made a promise with his father that he wouldn't cry, he never cried again because of sadness. Hyung is so handsome when he's strong.

Hyung is also very handsome when he works hard. In our company, hyung is a well known "training worm," you can find him in practice rooms very often. Since then, I would often go to the practice room to find him, and then when I saw that he was working very hard practising his dance, but still with a smile on his face, I was very moved.

Before we came to China, hyung always had notebooks in his bag, filled with notes he took to learn Chinese. In China, whether he's meeting fans, or when he's in the dorm, he's always working hard at trying to communicate with everyone in Chinese, he's always chasing Han Geng hyung and asking about this and that. And even when we return to Korea, he's always bragging about his Chinese skills. Hyung's very cute when he's like that.


Childishness completely fills hyung's life. He really is very mischievous. Once I was sharing a room with Donghae hyung in the hotel, I was absorbed by the computer, while wondering why Donghae hyung was so quiet. When I lift my head up to look, he was lying there drawing on the sofa. In the dorm, you can always see Donghae jumping up and down like a monkey, very full of energy, always looking youthful. This kind of hyung gives Han Geng hyung, who is now the leader of SJ-M, lots of headaches.

Hyung has very beautiful, expressive eyes, his emotions always shows through his pure eyes, with nothing concealed. Donghae hyung really makes other people like him because of his child-like innocence. But hyung is very different when he's quiet. He stays in a corner quietly, wearing headphones, and spacing out. No one knows what he's thinking, he's completely in his own word, people will never believe that he is the normally very excited Donghae hyung.

Donghae hyung can be very funny sometimes. For example, on shows, he's always saying in Chinese "I know," and "I can understand." But when the host lets him talk, he looks completely lost. And when we went to Nanjing to promote for the first time, the organizers invited us to eat Nanjing's very delicious salt water duck, and after that he fell in love with the duck. When were were preparing to leave Nanjing, he suddenly pulled out 2 salt water ducks from his bag in the airport.(!?!?!?!?!)  No one knew when he bought them. It was very surprising.

Hyung is very careful about his image. In our dorm, he would poke acne on his face, and then look very frustrated. In China, because the enviroment is different, in the beginning he wasn't used to it, hyung really had acne on his face. I did too. At that time, hyung always would say to me, "Kyuhyun ah, this method is very effective in removing acne." And so he would drag me to try out his "Secret Acne Removal Recipe" together, which might be this kind of face mask, or that kind of skin-care product. After trying many times, hyung's face really did get better, but mine didn't, so he always made me eat lots of vegetables and fruits, telling me that those are good for my health.

"You must be healthy," this must be the words that appear frequently in hyung's wishes. I committed this deeply in my heart. This is also Donghae hyung's truest wish for everyone. After experiencing the passing of his father and and other members' car accidents, Donghae hyung became stronger.
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10 April 2010 @ 10:50 pm

Hullo, yes ma'am I'm finally here to revive this and would try to continue keeping this space little more entertaining :)
Oh yeah, you read the title. I don't care how many times I've said this, but it's really the Best I Ever Had in my entire 18 years on earth!

5th April,
pms pms pms, so pms-y that I didn't want to do anything but lie in bed and sleep. And things weren't confirmed because there were no calls from them confirming about the celebration. The only call I had was about 2~3 weeks before the actual thing and I kinda forgot about it ooops. Oh and I remembered, thanks Eugene for making my day so "wonderful" by giving very insensitive remarks, adding more pms-y peppersugarspicesandeverythingnice..

Thanks for making my life so colourful..Collapse )
I'm sorry I know I sound damn mean but if you ever step on my tail, I can play with you too :>
So at 5pm, Vivian texted me and told me to meet Vivien and her at 6pm for dinner instead because "she had to fetch her sister". And thanks to Eugene for making my life so colourful, that I only chose the "red paint" and requested to cancel the date since Esther isn't going and when she can make it again. But all of a sudden, Vivian called me and said that they're walking over to my house to chill with me while walking to the dinner place..
Met them and started rambling and was really sleepy and moody then that I didn't bother much about my surroundings with the very .__. eyes everywhere I walk.
Suddenly, while walking behind Vivien, who was leading to the place which she suggested to have "dinner" at, I SAW ALL MY GIRLS THERE AT THE BBQ PIT! The stupid thing was, I didn't realise until I'm as ~far~ as 10cm away from them, wow very clever of me? -.-"
Of cos I didn't expect them to have a BBQ "theme" for me since each time we celebrate someone's birthday, we'd eat buffet and stuffs like that..
:> Really happy that they actually celebrated my birthday since I've always been celebrating alone without my friends for the past 17 years so yeap, no matter what/how people think it is, I DONT CARE MUCH~ ^^
Alright, I'll let the picture do the talking! :D
credits: vivipeng~
Just leave me your stardust to remember you byCollapse )


When will we ever be like this again?


7th April:
An unexpected birthday surprise celebration with Jowell, Lesley, Joyce and Denise!
Actually I wasn't expecting any celebration and has been wanting to try frolick for the entire day! Everyone around me has been talking about frolick and being a very noob me, hasn't tried any and was damn excited!
Even on my day, the time isn't cooperating with me. But luckily, God of Study accompanied me through the whole boredom series i have the entire day. Finally, time passed and left home to meet the girls~
Met Joyce at the mrt first, then Lesley came, Jowell "went for dance lesson and would join us after that" and Denise "would join us after eating dinner with her friends".
It seemed to take forever to climb and reach for Frolick, next time I bring penguin and freeeze you(!!!) D:
Had dinner at Aston(!!!) :D
Sorrry girls for not talking muchhh, bad sorethroat but it was fun to hear you girls talk hahahahaha and thanks for not making me feel welcomed even though I'm damn quiet throughout ^^~
Okay I'll ringdingdong to the pictures now :D
credits: lesleyhongdodo~
A day before sUrryjjong/puppy/blingblingCollapse )
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09 April 2010 @ 02:11 pm
Yuzhu says (1:40 PM):
·재 says (1:41 PM):
Yuzhu says (1:41 PM):
i just brought snowman back home ystd need to send him back today
·재 says (1:41 PM):
den u get water ah
Yuzhu says (1:41 PM):
·재 says (1:42 PM):
melt already mah
so u get water
Yuzhu says (1:43 PM):
·재 says (1:43 PM):
should i eat?!
Yuzhu says (1:44 PM):
·재 says (1:44 PM):
so im thinking whether i should buy or cook

Me: My next berry name will be Penguin! :D
Jo: why does all your berry have to be related to north poles -.- YOU WANT TO FREEZE PPL IZZIT.
Me: -.-"

Yuzhu says (2:01 PM):
i told her i naming my next berry penguin
you know what she say
·재 says (2:01 PM):
i name mine.. giraffe
Yuzhu says (2:01 PM):
why does all your berry have to be related to north poles -.- YOU WANT TO FREEZE PPL IZZIT.
·재 says (2:02 PM):
tell them your berry sleeps in the fridge

They are very helpful in making people, like me, to sleep -.-"
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06 April 2010 @ 12:39 am

The best 18th birthday ever even though it's just a 6hours of bbq-ing.
But what matters most is about WHOM I spent my celebration with <3
Love you girlsssssss! :>

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27 March 2010 @ 10:08 pm
Let's rejoice! :D
Because school is ending in 5 days starting from today!
Yeah, I know you're tired of hearing me whine each time here about school being draggy and such but do you know that 'm really happy that it's ending and getting my well-deserved 19 days of break before school officially starts and meet new and (probably weird) people again?
Each time I get home from school, I'd rush up to my room and start crossing the date off and the spaces between the 'X' and 'O' gets closer and got me happy! YOU SERIOUSLY HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I DREAD SCHOOL NOWWW.

Oh and have you guys encountered someone asking you something as sensitive like your dressing? Don't you think that's a too sensitive question to ask? I mean, I don't mean to keep repeating how much I feel it's a sensitive question (to my friends of course) to ask but it's just.... really something which you shouldn't ask since it's... something kinda private to someone?
Well, I was rather wrong about her, like being nice and thoughtful or something positive..
'do you like cotton on so much?'
'then how come your shorts and shoes from there?'
Just tell me, who would you react if something occurs on you? Leave me a comment okay, or tell me that's its not a sensitive question at all. Maybe it can help me to get rid of thoughts like this which has already been superglued on my memory-part for almost two weeks.
All in all, I really hate people who judges you by your dressing. Does dressing have to be the reason to what kind of friends you want to mix with? (if yes) i'm quite, disgusted with you.

Yeah probably the example up there sums up how my mood was for the past 1 1/2 months in school.
Probably another, if you still don't quite get me.
'I think she's quite weird. She can sit there all day and don't talk but just look at US. IS SHE A MUTE?!'
'why you so quiet?'
-smiles- 'nothing.. probably just tired..'
'you everyday so quiet means you everyday tired?!?!'
'what's wrong with that?'
-sneer a little- 'okay nothing wrong but can't you just talk and stop staring at us?!?!'

So tell me, have you comprehended how I feel to be in a school like this?
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28 February 2010 @ 10:36 pm
I really hate the fact that school started (for me). I really don't like it at all, not digging it any bit..It has been sucha drag seriously.
Is it just me only or what that the school is crazy to give us so many things to do just within a week of lessons and by the following week, which starts officially tomorrow, everything have to be handed in and tests/presentation would be coming up?
What do they think we are? Robots? Computers? Machines? Or rather anything solidary which has memory cards/technology related?
I really don't like this, but I really hope the school or rather the teachers, make lessons more interesting and give us sequential procedures for us to learn well/properly and better?
OKAY I SHALL LOOK ON THE POSITIVE SIDE! Since next week I would only need to stay in the hostel for another 3 days and I can finally roll on my bed every single day without whining about homesick to everyone! Okay at the very least, I think I am not complaining about being homesick but Pearlyn does too! :<
To Pearlyn if she ever reads this:

Alright, I'm more or less done with my Jap presentation scripts, Reflective journal entry #2 and #3 and studied for my TNS mock test tomorrow ^^ WAY TO GO!
I really hope the questions for the TNS test will be easy and I don't get brain-blockeddd either! -prays-

& I should really start packing for the last 3 hostel stay! And familiarise a little of my Jap presentation tomorrow because if the teacher don't allow us to hold cards to read, I AM REALLY GOING TO HAVE A 'STARING SESSION'. Which I think it's impossible for me to memorise them now since i'm almost brain-dead and wants to sleep badly.
Hmmm I will try. Brain, please stay awake for at least half an hour okay then I'll let you have some peaceful sleep! <3

PS: I don't care if it's the 908712347123 times I've said this and I'm going to say it again and that is: I REALLY MISS MY 5A'09 HOMIES + ULIN + LAIHAN + JOYCE !!!!!
I don't know but I would really fall without them. They're part of me and I really don't know what will I become when poly starts for all of us 'cause everyone will be so busy then and I have no one to rant to and I don't wanna be a nuisance to anyone really :'<
I really feel very sad that I'm being split by this stupid post-tertiary exercise where we have to meet new friends again and not being able to catch up with the old precious ones.... Why can't they allow us stick to just one school in our entire life!? Wouldn't life be happier that way, when all your good friends are near you and you are continuously with them? 
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By our love going tik tok like the hand on a clock that doesn’t know how to stop
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13 February 2010 @ 03:33 pm

I just felt like reviving this thing with a new entry hahaha but I don't know what to fill it with!

Mmhmm, orientation ended 4 days ago but I was too lazy to jot down anything about it. Okay to make it up for it, I'm here! :>
It was fun, even though my group, SK2, was pretty much quieter than the others (ie: Orange) but anyhow, we can be enthusiastic, fun, and probably bonded when we want/have to.. It's not like, everyone would start yakking away nonstop when we first met right, so I guess we would start talking to each other more when our school starts after CNY!
GO SK2 GO!  :>
Oh and after the 2days orientation, I was totally charcoal-ed and I AM STILL A CHARCOAL!! Yes it was red at first and I THOUGHT it would be gone after the peeling within the next few days since it was the first time I ever had a sunburn like this but even up till now, after 4 days, it's not even peeling! ZOMG K, it's so ugly to have two-coloured tone on my arms and legs!! :<
Okay it will get better i guess? Okwecan :>!

I am kinda annoyed right now(not that i wasn't ever since I heard that news) that the boys are coming again! Can they please stop coming here srsly? SG SHAWOLS are sucha disgrace, leaving the conference hall/whatever room they were in, right after the boys performed. What kind of basic ettiquette is this man?
Ohnooo, and they are going to get mobbed by fans, again :< What a barbaric way to do :\
Okay whatever, i am sleepy and i'm going to get some nap before the reunion dinner! :>

tooodles people! ^^
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04 February 2010 @ 09:48 pm

Alright a quick post before I go to bed, there's work tomorrow! :<

Yeah, SHINee came and left. I really have to say it's really difficult to chase them around with Maxi cabs; they are waste of money. Yeah and we booked a hotel room instead 8D
I'm not gonna post whatever happen here but actually there isn't anything exciting because I didn't get into the first 1000 for fansign and they were plainly stucked in their hotel room; and I finally realised how fun it was to be in there lol. 
Go on to my tumblr; my picture blog or a small bit of fan account(JJONG!!!) :)

Time to saaaave for a laptop and clothes!
and it still feels weird without having to leave house as early as 6~7am in the morning after the 5 eventful days :\

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22 January 2010 @ 08:57 pm
Currently I have this very strong urge to spend $20 on stationery because I miss school, doodling and writing.

Oh, by the way, I am working (again) so I might not update this space and probably my twitter unless my Boss isn't in. But anyhoooo, text me if you need to contact me~ ;)

I can't wait!; exactly a week till I see the boys right before me!
I am so eggy now cos it cited me, okay inside joke..
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03 January 2010 @ 03:38 am
I totally look like sucky crap right now.
Because I've just did something really terrible which was to cut bangs and I feel like plucking all my hair out and i dont care if I get bald or whateverrrrrrrr!

ps: it's 3.38am right now and I'm in hungry state, wow.
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01 January 2010 @ 01:44 am

Always Keep The Faith,
Hope To The End.
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31 December 2009 @ 11:25 pm
It's 35minutes to a new beginning, new memories, new start of 2010.
2009 has been both pleasant and unpleasant; happiness and sadness; eventful indeed. But I am rather thankful for all these to happen even though it was really a tough year with so much obstacles. Despite having so many obstacles in such a big O year, I've actually had my Homies with me! <3 They have always been there for me no matter what happens :)

I was actually feeling rather gloomy towards my Homies at the start of the year because I was actually trying to find all time to talk to Ulin before she leaves for the US. She has always been with me, hearing me rant all kind of stuffs, cheering me up and of cos' I was very sad when I found out that she was leaving as soon as Feb. I could still rmb her email to be on one April Fool.
So when she told me last year Dec that she will officially be leaving, time - checked, date - checked, and indeed, it wasn't any April Fool prank. She's leaving and thats final.
I got rather depressed because she was my best friend and she has always been with me through and giving my advices which were very useful. Seriously, if without her during my sec4 days, I would've failed my N'levels and be a failure forever. But it was her who got me to start studying. Probably it was her O's year so I got kinda motivated hehe..
Yeap, back to this year and she had a farewell party which was a very memorable one. I met her friends and her friends were nice :)
Her friends were awesome, even though I knew them for merely 3hrs? Hahahaha, and yes they were..
She left, and I was so depressed for almost a month because I couldnt really adapt to a life without someone to cheer me on. Because school was almost a bitch with all the people being so unreasonable, sighhhhh~
SO TO ULIN: i am really sorry for being very irritating after you left but its because I got really excited whenever you come online hahaha!

Alright and back to sch.
I remembered I was assigned to be seated with Clarinda who was actually someone I was rather scared of because of her appearance and she gave a very SCARY AURA and that happened after the March hols?
Yes and I have to admit, I was really scared when I saw the arrangement :S
But I was proved wrong to have that idea.
I've got no idea how we started talking actually.. Probably through the assignments which the crazy Professor teachers were giving us.. I couldnt catch up with them either but we cheered each other spiritually I guess? And soon when some crazy Professors were on MC, I think we began to talk freely and soon, driving into the ~kpop world~ and we began to have more topics to talk.
Overtime, she knew almost all my secrets ._______. until I don't have any for myself anymore :(
Hahahaha, come to think of it, whenever I talk to her, she would just laugh and i'd just stare at her and next, she would start beating me to stop staring at her in that manner; BUT WHAAAATT I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU LAUGHING FOR WHAAAT HAHAHAHAHAHHA!
Apart from all the giggly stuffs, she is actually someone I'd miss most after splitting to different schools. I rmbed, I had this DPA interview and almost everyone was ignoring me (but i don't blame them for it, if i've got such friend having such problem, I cannot comprehend fully so I understand ^^) so I started crying because I didn't know what to do at all. The interview is just tomorrow and I am not fully prepared AT ALL.
And it was her who gave me the strength and made it through. A simple message from her just eased my feelings and I managed to sleep well for that night and managed to make it through for the interview.

God, I just pray for Yuzhu lord.
I pray that you take away all her worries and nervous.
Give her peace and joy let her know God we're just your instrument Lord.
You will be the one who's speaking but not her.
Lord I pray that you give her strength let her know that God you're with her.
Lord I pray that you will guide her what to do for tomorrow interview and all glory goes to you.
I also pray that you will grant her favour with the interviewer cause God you're the all mighty one.
God, I pray that you give her confidence in whatever she speak.
I thank you, Lord.
God, I pray all these in Jesus most precious name, AMEN

I love you Clarinda <3

and my Homies, even though there were times we had clashes between ourselves but we know that we love each other. I really love you guys so much and thank so much for the H2H talk during the chalet. Everything will always be enjoyable with you girls <3
I will miss you girls x90124798217391724974!!!
WE MUST ALWAYS CATCH UP WITH EVERYONE ALRIGHT! and probably celebrate our birthdays with every one again! :)

2009, a very eventful year indeed.
I wish for some to be remained at where it is but I can't. I really wish all my friends, be it we're close or not, we move on and carry on with our lives meaningfully :)
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25 December 2009 @ 05:04 pm

Everyone's out enjoying their Christmas in Town while
I lead a very lonely 크리스마스, as expected, because it has always been like this since 17 years ago. 
No one wanna go out with me....



BUT Music Bank Christmas Special actually made my entire 크리스마스 happy ^^!
I totally love all the special stages put up; ie: snsd+f(x)+shinee, mblaq+beast WAS PURE 행복! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

But actually I was quite disappointed with Superjunior's stage.. I was actually hoping the 13 would perform together since Kibum had ended his acting scenes for the show and heechul actually realised he can't do without the rest of the members and KangIn's accident case had almost ease (well i guess so?).
But ohwell, guess it isn't what I thought.
Probably I'd just wait for SUJU13 to perform again as one..
But on a lighter note for superjunior; Hae iz hot today! ^^ That makes me even more happy 8D! Because as you know he got this really fuzzy atrocious hairstyle which I can't wait to snap it off myself if I ever had the chance to crawl into the tv.. Yeah, probably got that from Eileen because we can't stand guys having their hair over their shoulder :S

2PM was totally the best even though they performed 2 songs only. Without that weird tail-hair, like Dara's coconut tree hair, sticking out of Nichhun's and Junho's head made everything so much better! Their plain long (but not long to the extent where I would take the scissors and sit in front of the tv; ok sounds creepy :S), all-down, simple, smooth and silky hair is so almighty fine for the concept already! seriously have no idea why the hairstylist have to do something which doesn't make sense to their concept; ie having sandara's coconut tree hair -.-"

Oh and I noticed Thunder was standing almost behind Dara during the ending! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
The pretty and handsome siblings! <3

Okay I'm done with my happy dosage post from MB today :D

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25 December 2009 @ 02:31 pm
 TINGRUI. says (2:28 PM):
 That one the first part funny
TINGRUI. says (2:29 PM):
 The jonghyn sing that first part
 Damn weird
Yuzhu says (2:29 PM):
 ya lor
 cos very high pitch right!
TINGRUI. says (2:29 PM):
 Like lack of oxygen like that
Yuzhu says (2:29 PM):
TINGRUI. says (2:29 PM):
 Love until no oxygen
Yuzhu says (2:29 PM):
TINGRUI. says (2:29 PM):
Yuzhu says (2:29 PM):
TINGRUI. says (2:29 PM):
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24 December 2009 @ 05:17 pm

Hullooo Chuckie~

Yay no more depressions! And I can finally blog in peace without feeling grumpy or annoyed! :)
I'm really sorry for being a bitch in replies whenever you guys msg me. I was feeling down for almost entirely 2 weeks because work had drained me out to 0% and you know what comes out of me when I'm sleepy... hehehe..
Yeah, no more bitchy yuzhu anymore! (well hopefully..) 

It doesn't really matter if you don't read this whole chunk abt my jobCollapse )

So to sum up the 2 above paragraphs: work was being the bitchest of all thanks to the people there till I met my girls which I had totally bliss-happiness overload within a day! heh :) + Tammy is the best in work;)

So anyway, I am sick right now.
Flu bugs wouldn't leave me alone even when I'm in the deepest hole ever. but im actually quite thankful about it because i really needed a break; otherwise i would just faint dramatically like how clarinda described when fti was here 2 weeks ago HAHAHA!

Okay time for recuperation and look for some admin jobs earn moolah for *The Tinkerbells* and chase them with Lesley!
Oh did I told you guys. I've been seeing Lesley quite often this year, okay plainly in just 1 month hahaha! If the Tinkerbells are here, I won't even see her alrd! Because only Mr Tinkerbell has the only Key to open her door and not let anyone see her~ ^^
now i'm quite glad and lucky that I didnt get the fti fanmeet tickets for next year :S I guess because i've liked *The Tinkerbells* more and longer than FTI..
They're gonna the best damn Christmas present in my entire life hoho.
shit, tingrui just reminded me that the Charles Angels will be there too, screw them!!! DDDD:

Oh I forgot I was loading Idol Maknae Rebellion!

Toodles! :)
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20 December 2009 @ 10:47 am
I totally hate my job.
I just can't wait for it to be over; exactly a week.

But meanwhile, I've met Louisa for lunch yesterday! ZOMG she totally saved me from all the weird craps which happened for 2 weeks and I'm truthfully thankful!! Even if it's just a simple lunch (yet still filled with unwanted people), I'm still elated! :D
AND NOT TO FORGET, I finally met my girls for dinner yesterday as well! :D Double Happiness! ^^ Even it's just 2 hours of talking and eating together, I feel so happy because we had so much laughters whenever we're together and I will and would definitely miss them!! <3 And I've cleared my 2 weeks gallions of bullcrap and rants in just 3 hours, I am so awesome ^^

(thanks to the ppl @ my workplace who thinks i'm a weird with friend-less person just becos i don't talk much in there -.- But Tammy is my friend what, zzz!)
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17 December 2009 @ 09:53 pm
일 축하합니다
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17 December 2009 @ 05:26 pm
This space isn't really my everyday routine thing but I don't know why I bothered to change my layout and update them at least twice or thrice in a month.. Yes my life is boring so there aren't pictures filled in this blog. Maybe when I get a good camera, things might get better heh. Meanwhile, just catch me on twitter (protected though) or msn~ yay! can't wait for 26th Dec! Liberation unite!! :D
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17 December 2009 @ 12:34 am
[ [c=10] ALISTAIR[/c] ] says:
the melon awards?
they need jay man
jay need them too ):
walao but his b-boy dam sick
Yuzhu says:
huh i never watch
[ [c=10] ALISTAIR[/c] ] says:
actually it was me on statch
Yuzhu says:
pui i think my eye blind alrd
[ [c=10] ALISTAIR[/c] ] says:
walao 2pm also can!
ehh walao!!!
my cousin going SNSD concert
i want go
Yuzhu says:
i thought their tickets sold within 10mins?
[ [c=10] ALISTAIR[/c] ] says:
as in
got diff row want
either that
or my cousin camp infront of comp
Yuzhu says:
but then
their concert on the comp wont show one
[ [c=10] ALISTAIR[/c] ] says:
idk leh!
Yuzhu says:
if not they release dvd of concert for what
[ [c=10] ALISTAIR[/c] ] says:
but they this sunday going
Yuzhu says:
sm ent not so stupid
ali! quick hide inside the luggage!
[ [c=10] ALISTAIR[/c] ] says:
as in
they left already
the concert is sunday
shit siaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
she need me to perform
if not no form
Yuzhu says:
with you around confirm off-form
[ [c=10] ALISTAIR[/c] ] says:
coz she too distracted by me right?
i knew it!
[ [c=10] ALISTAIR[/c] ] says:
after school Ga Hee also quite
LOL she never quite SNSD i happy liao
Yuzhu says:
[ [c=10] ALISTAIR[/c] ] says:
quite cute
Yuzhu says:
[ [c=10] ALISTAIR[/c] ] says:
as in
aiyar forget it
LOL lazy type
I WANA GO SEATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u got see his b-boy compeitition?
Yuzhu says:
lol wah lao you sound damn desperate.... FOR A GUY........
i saw the video going around but i didnt watch it.
[ [c=10] ALISTAIR[/c] ] says:
but but but
i wan him backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
he is like
vital to 2pm
without him 2pm is like
Yuzhu says:
omg why suuddenly 10/10
[ [c=10] ALISTAIR[/c] ] says:
Yuzhu says:
[ [c=10] ALISTAIR[/c] ] says:
not so funny
LOL they did it for
the illegal download ting
Yuzhu says:
oh yah yah yah
i know that one
everytime they try to do stunts for bboying, jay not there means NOTHING!
[ [c=10] ALISTAIR[/c] ] says:
ya lo
just get ur ass back already!
Yuzhu says:
cant force him also la!
the problem now is he dont want to come back!!!
he's afraid to face the fans laaaaaa
[ [c=10] ALISTAIR[/c] ] says:
ya laaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
so jsut get ur ass back!
u still have mee!
Yuzhu says:
[ [c=10] ALISTAIR[/c] ] says:
Yuzhu says:
you seriously dont need to find gf alrd lah
[ [c=10] ALISTAIR[/c] ] says:
ya lo
bf can le
Yuzhu says:
your looks and actions totally don't need a girl at all
[ [c=10] ALISTAIR[/c] ] says:
if jay come back by this week
i stay single forever
or str8 away be gay
Yuzhu says:
[ [c=10] ALISTAIR[/c] ] says:
Yuzhu says:
wah if it rly happens
[ [c=10] ALISTAIR[/c] ] says:
then i gay lo
or stay single
Yuzhu says:
nonono within 2 mths
extend until 2 mths
dare anot
[ [c=10] ALISTAIR[/c] ] says:
no la
want me die ah
Yuzhu says:
[ [c=10] ALISTAIR[/c] ] says:
skarly he tis come day come back ah!
he perfrom heartbeat i tell u

[ [c=10] ALISTAIR[/c] ] says:
come on
i am like
2pm FTW
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Ee-chul 이주
15 December 2009 @ 06:42 pm
Okay havent been blogging.
Busy wasnt the excuse. Lazy is more likely the suitable one heh.
Anyway, last Saturday was a blast because I went for Seoul'out! :D It was amazingly a very successful and enjoyable concert.
And to be truthful, I bought the ticket just actually for Ft Island only but during the concert, I knew it was more than just for Ft Island. They actually had this traditional dance/performance put up my the Miso Group/Soup.
Yes, TRADITIONAL PERFORMANCE. 'wahlao so boring!' and it's really not exactly like this you know! They were so gawd damn good that they're so synchronize and the performance was ossumly great to the max! And what's more, they're so pretty and talented! HEHEE.
Then they had the BBoy performance by 'Jinjo' and they were yes, GREAT 8D! Clarinda and I couldnt stop screaming at the brown hair guy cos he was damn cute hehehee. They made the whole crowd go crazy because I can practically hearing everyone 'omg that boy is so cute!' kind of thing hhahahaha!
They also had this 3 guys who are artists and they totally artistic that they can do a drawing within the maximum of 10minutes! And the drawing is not just like a family potrait stuff but it's like a waterfall or a bridge with beautiful scenery in the background!! what's more, they did the shadings even. TOTALLY OSSUMMMM!
That was just the starting of the concert and it was already soooo damn goood!

Finally Mario and another girl (can someone tell me what's her name :x) did a duet! Mario is so freaking goood and hot. But I just don't understand why can't he take that sunglasses off since it's so disturbing to have it sliding down from his nose every now and then to make the whole crowd feel so excited by jumping around? Hmmm mhhhmmm maybe he didn't want to heh.
And epic moment was when Mario started talking in ENGLISH and,
Clar and I were like "OMG" *STARES AT EACH OTHER*
-mario continues speaking in english-
-mario continues in english-
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA TOTALLY EPIC WHEN MARIO WAS SPEAKING and he kept staring at us I guess HAHAHAHA (since we're almost in the middle and @ the 3rd row LOL)

Then Lee Ji Su came out and he was sooooo shy! He said he couldnt express himself with the limited English he has and I feel fans were rather goood. They said 'it's okay' in korean and he smiled -kekeke-
But I just don't know why can't he sing with his head facing straight to the audience instead of tilting it up that makes it difficult for almost everyone or just clarinda to take a nice shot of him with him ALMOST looking into the camera :S

And maybe for those bof-craze people, T-max was out.
ZOMFG I really don't know who are the members in T-max but the 2 other guys besides Kim Joon was daaaaaamn hoooott and probably cute hehehehe.. I think the youngest member was damn cute because he has this squeaky voice and he really sound and look like a Japanese singer; hmmm teppei? no wait not exactly like him but yeah.
The other guy was cute too but i think the maknae wins it more hehe..

Finally the long-awaited performance ever for Seoul'out; FT ISLAND!
Awesome shit but I just don't understand why Hongki had to tie his hair like this when all his black roots are already out :S Guess I need some understanding lesson for the concert :\
Jonghun is gorgeous as usual <3 Bastard, why must you make me like you again!?!?! D:
Minhwan was daaamn cute throughout even though he was just jamming in his ~~*~own world~*~~ HAKHAK~
Seunghyun was definitely hot because he was wearing this red hot blazer and he looked freaking rocker-ish, and that totally suits him so yeap! He's sending his red love to Vivien even though she can't watch it! ^^
And Goat was in his usual goat-ish alien way in almost every songs.
Totally love the songs they performed ah yay! ^^

BEG totally pwned for the best last performance ever!!
Their abracadabra and Sign was totally epic!! Narsha was so cute and Ga In was so pretty!!
The fans shouted 'Jo kwon' which made me burst out into laughter because idk jokwon's face expression in dirty eyed girl totally came out and clar was staring at me because i was really scary then :S HAHAHAHA

Yeah, it was the ~almost paradise~ day for me and everything ended in just 3-4 hours and I'm back and stucked @ work -.-"
I'm quitting it and last day would be 27th Dec so yeah, TAHAN FOR A LITTLE WHILE MORE~~~ :D
that job totally drain the shit out of me, hate that place too D:
text me or msn me if you want to know where im working lol which i probably think no one would ask lololol.
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Current Music: Brian Joo - Tears Run Dry
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06 December 2009 @ 03:52 pm

Let's live and forever love.
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Ee-chul 이주
03 December 2009 @ 12:55 am

Even if every one says it's not going to last,
I'll always cling onto 'forever'.
TVfXQ Soul
will always be there.
Ee-chul 이주
02 December 2009 @ 08:34 pm

Listen to my heartbeat, I'm beating for you;
For the rightful leader, Park Jaebum.

I really miss watching Wild Bunny..
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Ee-chul 이주
27 November 2009 @ 07:13 pm
Greeetings, earthlings! :D
I'm back from the beautiful, fantastic and elastic Japaaaaannn! I miss the cold weather there and the weather here in SG is crap hot, it's burning!
Great trip and my room mate is freaking hilarious. She's damn laughable, just like Laihan!! She laughs and reacts like how Laihan always do. PS Laihan: You met your another twin other than SeungHyun HAHAHAHAHA!!
Yup, the whole junior-senior room mate was fun for me and I hope for everyone else..

Mt Fuji is the best I've ever seen. DisneySea was the best place for reminscing one self as a child.

Pictures and a longer post probably next week or longer :)
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Ee-chul 이주
21 November 2009 @ 10:41 am
Greetings, people~
Right, I'm leaving tonight (well for technically tmr) for Jaapaaaannn!! Japan Japan here I come~~
I'm really eggcited for it, first time leaving this tiny dot island ^^
And I really hope I'm able to be roomie with Esther because both of our partners are like us.. Seriously why does the teachers had to put a sec 5 with a sec 1 junior when we don't even know they actually in guitar -.-" It's really WEIRD because we don't even know who they are and what, we're going to sleep with our eyes open ._____.
never mind ho, we shall sneak ^^

And please stop acting as if you know more than I do, noob fans -.-"
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17 November 2009 @ 11:18 pm
·재Esther says:
jaejin actions more than badmintom
Yuzhu says:
no is pattern more than badminton
·재 says:
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Ee-chul 이주
16 November 2009 @ 03:19 pm
long time no see yo~
And i've changed my moodtheme ^^v
(esther, I know you've been very irritated with minmin's one ^^v he loves you k!)

I just realised I haven't blogged properly even after my O'levels when I should be. I was too lazy and my life isn't interesting at all.
The interesting part would only start next week! - Japan tripppp~~ *jiggles*
Though its just next week, plannings weren't done YET. But ohwell.......

Job on Thursday! Yeap, the Japanese Tour which I did last year, again~
Weirdly, I've done it before but I'm still feeling scared about it :S Probably I've really have to start from square one again and it kinda suck, period.
But no choice, need a temporary job for mooolah to spend in japan!
Righttttttt, job on 19/11 and flying off on 21/11...
Maybe I'll seat the same flight as them! HAHAHAHHAHA.
Okay ._____.

okay so far, I had my class chalet and an outing with the girls <3
I seriously can't bare to leave them... I've really never felt so open to anyone like them because they would always stand by you, hold you while you fall and dry your tears while you cry.

I doubt I'll find anyone like them anymore. Seriously speaking, I'm kinda scared to make new friends in poly (well hopefully) because I've heard enough stories about backstabbing, bitching, selfish-acts and stuffs like that. That's really damn horrifying to hear..
I really want to rewind the clock back to the start of the year. A year of close intermolecular bond is not enough.
I will miss and love you girls always!! :') <3

Hmmm yes I've ran out of topics now.
I lost touch of blogging, so don't hope for a long essay-ey entry unless my life gets more colourful probably after my jap tour on thurs or i'm back from overseas~

Alright, I've to start packing for my trip~
Till then people ^^

lee joon's voice is damn mesmerizing :B

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08 November 2009 @ 12:07 pm

The Big O's is (almost) coming to an end.
It didn't started too well.. I broke down for 3 consecutive days :S And I can't even assure myself to be able to get into my DPA either.. *thinks about the almost-empty-part-d-for-sbq and geog section a with 3 chapters mixed in a question; kthxbye*
Yeah I don't really care how much am I going to score, even a 24, I just hope I'm able to carry on with Poly..

I wanna watch You're Beautiful badly! Anyone willing to download them from viikii and send to pathetic me here? T____T
Viikii wouldn't work well for me, youtube has no subs for ep2 part 4 :(
So much for calling Hongki, the guy with IQ of forty and ANGELINA JOLLIE!!!
Park Shinae is super prettyyyyyy even though she's a guy in there~ :)

I call you 'BAR-TER-FLIE'!
Sorry too much overdose of Key in Lesley's blog, kekekeke..

Oh have I told you I was going to Japan?
My teachers are the best ok! It was planned that we're going on the 21st nov and the airtickets are not even booked yet!! :S
Please please please, I really wanna go Japan! :'(

Alright, chinese with Yilin and Vivien laterrrr...

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24 October 2009 @ 09:19 pm
My current new obsession:


Thunder is really the best k! Collapse )

Okay, I'm still alive and kicking :)

riightttttttt, gotta mug now..
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Ee-chul 이주
12 October 2009 @ 04:23 pm
A  very quick update before I continue mugging later~
O's is in appx 10 days and I'm totally unprepared and have no idea what am I suppose to do if I really do badly for it..
It seemed like I don't know almost everything for Physics and there's so much things to catch up.
Yes, as usual i'm feeling regretful as everrr...
I have no even started on my Comb. Humans and I failed terribly by getting F9 for my Prelims, oh great.
I.. am really tired but I want to do it to my fullest but I just don't know how...
i guess there's too much distractions. damn why am i not someone who can be immune exciting upcoming programmes (ie. chalet right after the last paper and Japan trip in Nov)....

whyyyyy. just let me concentrate now pls...
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23 September 2009 @ 05:39 pm


ps: probably on hiatus till the big O'reos end.
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10 September 2009 @ 04:12 pm
The reason why we debuted Jaebum

Many people were shocked of what our friend Jaebum wrote four years ago as it was released. Of course, these were very shocking words. If another celebrity were to have written the same note, I would feel angry and betrayed also. But for those of us who have known Jaebum for a while, we are not surprised by it. Why we are not surprised is that we knew Jaebum was that kind of child before.

When he came to Korea four years ago, he was an edgy, inferior kid. He looked at Korea foolishly, his fellow trainees foolishly, the staff foolishly, and I even thought he looked at me foolishly. I thought he looked at the career of being a celebrity foolishly. He was a kid who would rather have b-boyed in the streets rather than become a celebrity. Fighting with the staff and trainers were innumerable and he would sometimes even say things such as “we’ll see who gets the best of it” after fighting with one of the staff. He even didn’t like our company and would name another company and asked us to send him to them.

What surprised us more than anything is that when he was asked the question of him being confident in succeeding, he replied saying, “I’m confident in succeeding as long as I do not receive music of Park Jin Young.” From time on the staff asked me why I was keeping this inferior, messed up child. Due to the situation for him being like this then, he was just writing to his dearest friend and hearing him of these words doesn’t surprise me.

Why did I keep this child?

I like kids who are inferior/rebellious. I don’t like kids who act nice on the exterior and calculate every one of their thoughts but if they are bad and they show it, I like it. If their emotions come out naturally, I have hopes for them. Jaebum outwardly showed us by looking at me including the staff foolishly. I liked that. In our company, our artists or even trainees, who has the courage to outwardly say “I am confident in succeeding as long I don’t receive music from Park Jin Young”? I found the situation all too fun. Most rebellious kids have a lot of energy but most don’t get a chance to show the energy openly. Also many are unable to meet trustworthy people who can help them release their energy. So I believed there would be hope if I could help him feel the excitement of being on stage and help him trust the company staff, and me because I could see so much potential in him.

In this world, to Jaebum, there were only two types of people, his family and strangers. From the people I know, he cared for his family the most. In interviews he would talk about not because he wanted a cool car and clothes but because he wanted to help his hard-working parents and give them a break. This was the biggest motivation that led Jaebum to becoming a singer. Because of this reason he work harder than anyone else. His attitude was negative but his practice was the best.

Seeing those images of him I thought, ‘If he went out and thought of these company people, and the colleague trainees and our nation’s people has his family then this kid can be and outstanding kid.’ So one day I said to him, “Jaebum-ah, we don't need to be blood-related to be family. Please open your heart first. Then others can also be your family.” Stacking these kinds of efforts bit by bit he slowly began to change. He began to embrace the colleagues he used to tease and look down on saying they were picked because they were good looking, he began to share personal conversations with the company staff and started to like standing on stage. His crooked expression became brighter and his dance and song began to shine. He met music, and met good colleagues so his energy finally began to spill out on the stage. I finally decided their debut and selected him to be the team’s leader. The other 6 people trusted his honesty and followed him. After debut no matter how last things finished he brought his dongsengs to practice, and always thought of his dongsengs before he thought of himself. After that as the promotions began he was moved by the entertainment people who treated him warmly, and was moved by the hot blooded love he received from the Korean fans. Through meeting good people, good colleagues, good fans, and more than anything meeting music he eventually changed.

Though it was miserable, now when he was just beginning to be happy like a scene in a movie those words from his crooked times 4 years ago were revealed. He was very sorry. To his 2PM dongsengs, to me, to the company workers, to the fans, and more than anything to those Korean people who warmly welcomed and valued him. He said that if he hesitated here any longer he felt that he would be hated by his 2PM dongsengs. And more than anything he said he had no confidence to stand on stage in this kind of state. I knew what words those were so I couldn’t grab him. This is because if I were him I think I would have made the same decision. And so he left. In the last email he sent he said ‘I’VE BEEN A LITTLE PUNK IN THE PAST. I JUST WANT TO LET YOU KNOW THAT IT WAS A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE. IT MADE ME A MUCH BETTER MUCH STRONGER PERSON AND I’M THANKFUL FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME. REAL TALK.’ My heart hurt like it was ripping. But because of the great big betrayal that the general public was feeling after receiving Jaebum’s words, I couldn’t recklessly say anything.

But the thing that I can say with confidence is that Jaebum’s image you saw on TV was not fake. Though Jaebum might have been off at times he was never wicked. Even when he was off, and again when he was bright he wasn’t a kid who hid his true feelings. When he was off he openly was off and when he was warm he treated everyone well honestly. The reason I’m writing this is not to change everyone’s anger. I know well that this isn’t something to be changed easily. Simply with the heart that if Jaebum possibly is seen that he does not receive any cold glares.

I know well of the thought of the fans who are no less than the general public’s anger, I am listening to everyone’s words. But what’s important now is not 2PM’s Park Jaebum but the young man Park Jaebum. I think it’s very important that Jaebum now looks back at himself and reflects. So as I have I would like it if everyone respected Jaebum’s decision

Lastly I want to say sorry to everyone once again.


credit: priscilla@2oneday international forum

Park Jin Young is really well known for someone/a boss who understands his artistes well. I believe that he seldom/do not make superiority as piority and communicates well with all his artistes. Humble enough and willing to help or understands his artistes well.
He seriously makes a good boss, best friend and brother. I've never seen such guy with so much superiority in him to be able to mix well with his "students".
JYP really promote his artistes well without using those scheming

JYPE does not USE their artistes as their money tree and trick youths into joining the company with mega-long unreasonable contracts.
JYPE is seriously the best company I've ever seen in the entire Korean music industry. There's definitely more but for now, in contrast with Jay's issue, it totally wins every criteria to be the best company.

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Ee-chul 이주
08 September 2009 @ 09:29 pm
Jay's last interview before leaving Korea....

news article:

This is just a rough translation of the article

Incheon Airport, inside Gate 24. 2PM's Jaebum continued to repeat his apologies with his head held low before boarding his plane to Seattle. When the interviewer asked Jay about his plans in America, he talked about 'studying music.' Although he dropped out of the group, his passion and determination not to give up on music showed.

Sports Seoul dot com was able to talk to Jaebum on the 8th 6:10 PM inside the Incheon Airport Departure Lounge. The first things out of his mouth was 'I apologize..I'm sorry'

He said "What more can I say? I am just so sorry to the loving fans and the members who had trusted me and followed me." He added, "I am sorry that I had to leave this way, I did not fulfill my responsibilities as a leader and was just a burden, so I decided on leaving the group."

They could tell he was very tired and had gone through a lot in just a few days. His voice was very low/weak. They asked another question to Jaebum who continued to apologize with his head hanging low.

When they asked him about his plans in America, he talked about music. He said, "I am planning to study music in America" and "have a time of reflection. I want to show a more mature side both personally and musically."

He also avoided answering questions regarding his plan to return to Korea. His expression showed that it was too early to be discussing about comeback plans. Instead, he expressed, "I want to thank the fans who had come out to the airport," and "I will stay healthy in America. I will come back as a better person."

Seeing him so lively and happy to see fans at somewhere far from the indoor stadium makes me feel like crying now. So that's our first and last time that we're gonna meet.
He was pretty shocked to see Nicole & I along the roadside where there aren't fans crowding around us and he couldnt stop waving as the bus went pass us. He was all smiley and responding to fans despite being tired after the performance :)
No, we're gonna meet again. Yes we will :')
I guess Seattle is a better place for him since he grew up from there and that's where he actually feel comfortable with. But at least we all know that Korea is his 'motherland' and he will always remember it.
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Ee-chul 이주
08 September 2009 @ 06:20 pm
You are happy now, aren't you?
Screwing up someone's hope and career just by digging Jay's past blog entries which happened 4 years ago was all you could do huh? Haven't you been to a place called SCHOOL, receiving something called EDUCATION, having a thinking system called THE BRAIN and knowing what's something called 'PRIVACY'?
Everyone's sure enough that you're seen as a bunch sadists/nosey parkers; only to be happy after seeing someone's life being screwed in your hands or invading into people's privacy. It's rather disgraceful and sad that you guys are receiving quotes like "GET A LIFE". *starts giving you tissues* Oh, I forgot, you guys are sadists/nosey-parkers who are also good-for-nothing because all the time you've wasted are making things people's life in a mess rather than putting the time into good use/helping people.
Thanks so much for putting up an act being so guilty and regretful for all you've done when Jay finally announced that he's quitting 2PM on his own accord. Thanks for spreading around the rumors about Wooyoung sobbing his eyes out, fainted and was finally sent to the hospital while sending Jay off.
What do you actually want seriously? Just get your ass stucked to your books or do something that you could be proud of or spend your time wisely please -.-"

After so much criticisms from the korean netizens (which should seriously visit the psychologist A-Zawoieaoir), LeaderJa finally left 2PM and Korea for America, and not returning anymore.
All his hard work in learning Korean for 4-5 years, starting from the scratch, adapting to a different lifestyle and leading 2PM had gone into the drain. So much for the entry that was made 4 years ago when he was feeling all stressed up about being able to adapt to life in Korea when he's someone who stayed in America since young? Come on, wouldn't you feel all stressed up about learning a foreign language?! WHO IN THE RIGHT STATE OF MIND WOULDNT!?!
And the most famous quote ever, "Humans are not made perfect, they make mistakes too."
Korean antis, are you coming up to me and say that you haven't made any mistakes in your entire life before!?! SWEAR THAT TO ME IF YOU DARE.
Zomg I'm freaking pissed with what kind of nonsense the korean netizens did to make things to the worse situation that ever happened in history; crashing someone's dream and career.
I seriously hope a humongous elephant x 10^867353536735413546574368 X 68735434343657687673434 would just stamp your house and you guys are punished for what you've done.

Hello, I'm 2PM's Jaebeom.

I'm sorry for giving you my last greeting through this letter.
I think it will be hard for me to see you all on stage because of my sorry heart.

I'm really sorry to everyone, and I'm even more sorry to the fans who have shown me love.
From today, I will leave 2PM.

2PM boys, I'm really sorry to the boys and I'm sorry I couldn't be strong as a leader and a hyung and have to leave like this.
However, I hope you will be more cool and charming.

Again, I'm sorry.


Park Jay, please know that Hottests would always leave that spot in the middle for one and, only you.

well, i was really hoping something called CONTRACT happens right now even though I started hating that word ever since sment's issue against tvxq D:

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Ee-chul 이주
05 September 2009 @ 10:35 pm
They're rocking good :D
And it makes me wonder if they're rubber bands in their previous life -.-" *starts smashing the keyboard; zomg how can I ever resist Taec's hotness and the resemblance with Min?!?!
Soft ballad; surprisingly, I LIKE 8D!
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Ee-chul 이주
04 September 2009 @ 09:15 pm
4th September... 4th September..
Time passes really fast. 2 months ago, Ulin just came back from US for her break and she's leaving again..
Haven't done what I expected myself to and I really regret. Why must school take up 3/4 of my time here. Pre-Oreos/Oreos, you're really killing me and killing my connections with my friends >:(
I actually wanted to visit Ulin as many times as I could but I did it twice only. Feel so disappointed with myself.

But I am glad that she was surprised when I visited her yesterday ^^v
I've actually gathered Yixiu, Cassan and Lois to visit her with me ystd and Ulin didn't get fishy about anything when she texted me the day before asking what time does my prelims end HAHAHAHAHA. Truthfully, I didn't know what to reply and was panicking like maaaaadd but I guess I got away well HEHEHEHE :D:D

Ulin Ulin,
Hope your upcoming semester will be as good as your previous one!
And catching up with you for just 2 visits was good enough although I really wanted to have more meetups but was tied down by school. But nevermind! We're always talking on msn and updating our twitter hehh (although i don't rly update much nowadays because sometimes i tend to forget that i actually have a twitter acct lol) ^^
Yeah, take care alright. Will definitely catch up with you moree when you're back next Sept again!
(and i know this sounds rather stupid)
<3 youuu!

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Ee-chul 이주
02 September 2009 @ 02:45 pm

Today marks Pre-Oreos and the comeback of flu bugs into my life D': And how many times have I fallen sick this year!?!
I was practically sneezing and shivering in the refrigerator-like hall. I wanted to stuff the whole packet of tissue into my nose so badly because it couldn't stop running! Unglam I know, because Wilson was probably staring at me the whole time even though he's diagonally behind me :S
And I've already gotten the 1st question wrong for Eng Paper 2, screw it mannn.
DUM, never mind ho, I was being sleepy then too. excuses again omg *slaps self*

Amath Paper 1 tmr and I'm bound to faaaaailll. Read that, F-A-I-L because it's been eons since I touched amaths. Okay to be exact, its been almost eons since I touched any of my textbooks. Probably 1month ago?
And am still looking for the answer to my question since the start of the year. "Why can't I get anything memorized into my damn brain and get all the distractions out and something useful in?"
Am I still being complacent?
바래 not :(
It's time to kick fangirling moments aside now. Fangirling can wait yeah?

And actually I was feeling very listless thanks to the damn flu bugs but something actually cheered me up.
Surprisingly, Priscilla cheered me up while reading her blog entries. I don't know why but weirdly, I tend to laugh and smile a lot whenever I read her posts. Probably because of the same common interest bands we adore so much that we can spend the whole day talking about it, from day to night! It was damn fun talking to her and I actually missed it quite a lot.. We would be all jumpy and elated and screaming to the max about almost anything related to korean! It was fun, really fun :D
Stupidly, I kept asking myself if I was bothering her because she seem to be all quiet always and I'm the only person who's spazzing crazily on the convo but actually she was laughing. And that made me laugh too HAHAHAHA I don't know why but she seem to laugh/smile always and I would start laughing too .__.
PS PRISCILLA!: YOUR LAUGHTER IS CONTAGIOUS EVEN OVER THE NET! I wonder how my life would be like if I'm right in front of you everyday :| I'd probably laugh at the ants who killed itself by banging itself onto the wall :S
We must spazz more after O's okay okay okay! PSSSSSTTT! DARA THE COCONUT TREE HAIR HURRAY! ^^v
and I've actually spammed her wordpress with comments after comments within an hour hohoho.

*blows my nose like a whale*
Some flu bugs died (checked) so I guess I'd better run before it comes back nothing productive will happen today and I'd definitely fail for tmr's paper. Of cos I wouldn't want to fail my papers even though it's pre-oreos!

I'm still still still without.
You're heart heart heart heart heartbreaker
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Ee-chul 이주
19 August 2009 @ 02:38 pm
Everyone's getting sick and tired of everything. A break isn't enough, twice isn't too.
Why must life suck to the bottom pit?
Why must this world be pushing every kids into schools and make them all stressed up? Why can't kids live as innocent as they are previously, with no doubts but just happiness?

I fail, as a friend.
I fail, to encourage them.
I fail, to push them on for everything.
& I fail to pioritise whatever time I have now.

This world is not moving. It's making people depressed and everyone's not concerning.
Is it just Singaporeans that are acting this way?
It's not even helping anyone.

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16 August 2009 @ 01:10 pm
I was overwhelmed with guilt as I scanned some of the graduating classes only to find many heads buried in their notes and what not.
I am too afraid to do anything now. Too afraid to start any spazzings, run to town and waste my time on unnecessary stuffs.

I'd better do something this time.

22 days to Pre-Oreos,
2 months to Pure-Oreos.

damn, this is scaring the shit outta me.
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Ee-chul 이주
06 August 2009 @ 06:33 pm
Minhwan! <3
*kicks Jonghun aside*

Oh, FTI I miss you guys a lot.
Please come back here for a concert (and not a showcase with that old nuna plzz D:)! <3

This is ultimately enough to make my day after 4 heavenly kings which I had in school just.
Only Milton would understand what I'm talking about, right Milton?

But anyhoooo, it's national day celebration tmr! No studying = yayness! :D
but  Pre-Oreos are coming soon!
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05 August 2009 @ 04:52 pm
Nothing special happened, a mundane life I've got as always.
and the talk by the principal had flat a mic battery, coolio. And I swear he nags longer than how my mum usually do.


I just want my beauty sleeep noww :(
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Ee-chul 이주
03 August 2009 @ 08:07 pm
I feel blessed.
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Ee-chul 이주
02 August 2009 @ 09:43 pm
I guess I'm back up here! *waves to f-list*! ^^
I was in dilemma if I should come back here or decide after my Big Oreos.
But neeeehhhh, I'M BACK HERE FOR FANDOM! :D
well and i hope i don't die for O's too..

Oh lawsuits? I admit, I was rather worried about the disbanding but after much thinking, what's there to get worried about?
We know how the boys get together, just like family. Their bond wouldn't be break up just like this. And we know Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong aren't unloyal to let Yunho and Changmin alone just like that, right?

Oh, and my current obsession other than the dongbang boys^^
Jjang!Collapse )


Alright, I'll go to bed now.
School tomorrow, hwaiting!

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19 July 2009 @ 06:59 pm

Pretty boys,

(i still can't understand what's wrong with jaejin; trying to kick his shoes out and probably wanted it to land on hongki's face, weird outfit- the spects and hairstyle and finally, his weird chacha(!) dance)
But ohwellzz,
that's what made him cute&unique! 

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Ee-chul 이주
28 June 2009 @ 08:39 pm
I didn't get to see FT Island during their arrival in Singapore but never mind, I managed to make-up for that :D:D:D
Seriously, FT Island is better when you see them with your eyes. Everyone except Hongki looked different from the pictures you see on the net.

Managed to stalk them the whole of next 2 days and Jonghun totally blow me off. He's too pretty, beyond pretty. Even Clarinda who didn't like anyone then got mesmerized by Jonghun; his charm and prettyness totally killed me.
I missed the chance seeing them before their fanmeet because I was supposed to meet Serphina and Clarinda to go there at about 11am? But after Esther called and said that she saw them before their fanmeet and passed her present to Jaejin because there weren't any security guards at all, they walked freely around the hotel! Serphina totally "ZOMG OK LET'S TAKE CAB NOW". But it didn't helped but never mind, the 'maxi cab' ride made everything up :D

Camped in the maxi cab for almost an hour until everyone started being kinda cranky because of the thankyouSUN or talking among ourselves to like, start the engine for stalking? LOL. And I think they were eating some snacks at their restaurant because it seems forever for them to appear lol
Okay finally their private van entered the hotel at about 12pm and we were all so ready to stalk already! :D

Finally they're out and we hushed our taxi uncle to follow them tight and we're totally out of our mind! We were so darn happy because I finally get to see either my Jonghun or Hongki (but srsly -.-)!
Finally our taxi was beside FT's van and Hongki was the nearest to our window! We kept waving and hyperventilate a lot but he didn't care a single bit and gave us a "so annoying girls -.-" face which makes the whole van really anti him D: But ohwell, maybe he was really in a very bad mood; probably because the game that he played before the fanmeet wasn't a pleasant one OR he didn't had time to do any shopping here..
They went to Mana Restaurant and finally, Ser, Clar, Est and I went in and we started guessing which room are they in and to our horror, it was directly in front of me! *starts jumping around* ^^
The whole time there, we were suppose to be eating our lunch too but we were too afraid that FT might come out anytime soon so we started stuffing rice cakes into our mouths :S
FINALLY, their private room door opened. OMG WE START GLUPING DOWN EVERYTHING WE CAN FIND ON THE TABLE and started rushing out. While I was rushing out, there was this guy who was kinda blocking my way; it's like when I walked left, he walked left, when i walked right, he walked right too, so yeah you get it, don't you? AND I WAS ALREADY SO EXCITED ABOUT FT COMING OUT AND I HAD TO RUSH BACK TO MY TAXI TO CONTINUE STALKING THEM!
But that guy wouldn't let me get out so I sorta "grrrr" softly at the person and looked at him.
TO MY FREAKING HORROR, Esther told me in the van that the guy whom I roared at was SONG SEUNG HYUN!!! OMFG HOW STUPID CAN I GET!?!?! SONG SEUNG HYUN WAS JUST FREAKING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME AND I SHOULD BE HYPERVENTILATING BUT INSTEAD, I gave an almost silent roar :X *runs away from all the ssh fans :x* Really pabo me:|

Okay then we started stalking againnnn. I swear the driver was so tokyo-drift man D: He drifts damn fast and goood!! We had a very hard time following them because at least 8 maxis were here and there like craaaappp D:
BUT FINALLY, we got a chance and this time, it was beside JONGHUN! <3 I swear he's freaking gorgeous, prettier than any girls i've ever seen. I swear he's almost flawless. Ser, Clar, Cat and I started hyperventilating (jonghun fans <3) and started "AH-ing" like dominoes! Like after Clarinda "AH-ed", I "AH-ed", Ser "AH-ed!" and finally Cat because she was sitting at the other end and wasn't able to see as clear as CLARINDA ONG, hehehehe :D:D:D SO I BECAME CRAZY AND STARTED FLASHING MY "present" to Jonghun at the window and he kinda saw it and tried hard to read what's on it because the car was totally in a very not stable position but finally when he read it, he gave a smile ^^v
Jonghun has already an almost flawless skin, looks, body and suddenly, HE STRIKED US WITH A WINK(!!!!!) which could really kill everyone in the van!
I was totally insane then and I didn't believe I was acting that way when I started thinking it at night.
Apparently, Minhwan was in front of Jonghun so Esther and I did the Minhwan-twist and Minhwan was quite shocked (:O) and he gave the TOTALLY STUNNED FACE for idk what reason :\ AWWW but he smiled back when we met again ^^ (and later i found our from ser and clar that after jonghun gave us the wink, he was actually trying to say something. and after esther and i gave the minhwan-twist, minhwan tried saying something but nobody saw both of them trying to communicate with us despite the number of times they tried to mum the words to us because i think they can't let their manager/driver see that they were communicating with the fans)

They sorta had some "sight-seeing" around Orchard. I bet Hongki was pissed because he can't get to shop there but only see. Awww, hongki, you'll be able to shop soon again IF YOU COME HERE :D:D:D HEHEHEHE :)
There was very much screamings because of their van which was beside ours every now and then and screaming at the uncle to slow down when they're beside us or "FASTER FASTER FASTER!" :B

Then they went to some place @ Sentosa which this loser singaporean don't know D:
We waited at the place which they could purchase gifts but we waited for almost and hour and felt strange so we went out. After Esther and I sat for less than a minute, I heard FANS SHOUTING so esther and I rocketed straight from our seat to the source of screaming. ZOMFG, I swear Jonghun was freaking SMILEY and when I wanted to pass to him my present personally, the bloody guard pushed me away! DDD: Jonghun wanted to accept but thanks man, sercurity guard -.-"
I DIDNT KNOW WHERE DID MY CAB WENT AND THEY WERE ALREADY LEAVING! and their van started moving TT_TT I was totally "ohno do we have to run omfg"
AND WE DID. I had never run at such fast pace in my entire life, yes not even for 2.4 napfa!! WHILE RUNNING, I kept staring and he was kinda my source of running :P  Jaejin was sitting in away where he placed both of his hands horizontally on the window ledge and rested his head on it and looking at us running and gave the "oooohhh! they are running~~" face; very very amused that there's people running! ._. VERY VERY VERY VERY CUTE SO I KEPT LOOKING AT HIM AND RUN -.-"
And they left :'( and we're still without our cab D:
AND LATER WE FOUND OUT THAT SOME STUPID COMBI CAB's wheel was in the drain and we were stucked between the dead end and his van, thank you very much -.-"
But thank God, the boys went back to their hotel so we need not worry much <3

After 2 hours and we went back to the hotel. They weren't out yet so we chilled a little :)
Everyone was almost dead at about 4pm; muscle achings, hungry and just tired.

They came out after an hour or so and stalking mission started again.
They had dinner at a not-so-alien timing because I swear that they had at least 5 to 6 meals in total the whole day! Because the maxi ppl had to stay inside the cab and stuff ourselves with bread but I managed to catch some JaeHyun moment xD SeungHyun was wearing pink and he looked damn goood!! :D:D:D *mianhae seunghyun!*

As usual, we chilled and it was hilarious because the whole time, Huixin was damnit funny! She started doing all kinds of cute and weird stuffs which left me dead even more TT_TT
Again&Again dance + gossips = EPIC!

Finally their dinner ended because it feels as though they barbequed the whole restaurant down and needs time to gobble everything down while we had to suffer the smell of the alchohol D:
this time, their tokyodrift driver was damnit tokyodrift-y D:
None of the fans manage to catch them fast and they disappeared. Some thought they followed a van back to their hotel but to our horror, it was their staffs' van and it was not FT.
Esther's and my battery started running low and we decided to stop stalking because we could almost faint!
So we left and finally, home sweet home.

Rushed out some presents for the boys and went to bed. I really have to thank Amelia trillions! She was the only person who helped me *thank god* cos soobin went to his dreamland and didn't want to help me translate! D:

Slept at 2am and woke up at 5.30am TT_TT But I don't care, it's the FT ISLAND SHOWCASE!!!! I can't drag and I was kinda energetic :D:D So it's alright ^^v
Met Vivien and took train down to St James power station and reached at about 6.30am! D: We were tag number 128 and 129 for goodness sake! I couldnt stop whining like mad because of the number of ppl ahead of us! DDD: but we found out some girl in front of us x2 wrote all her friends name down so that when they arrive late, they're still able to be in front D: HOW UNFAIR!!! GRRRR!! 
The reek of alcohol made me cranky while writing Jonghun's letter while vivien enjoying her videos, hahahahaha!
The sun was damn scorching so we decided to go Daiso to get some stuffs :) OMG while we were shopping, Esther kept calling because she was tag number 20 cos she effing reached there at 4am in the morning to queue D:
So we grabbed a wooden box, sweets, envelopes, message cards and my board for FT :) (and up till now, im really still hoping that jonghun didn't throw our box away which i probably think he didnt and my board which i think he did because it's bulky; difficult to unload it off the plane! :S)
They gave the tag at 11am and met Clar's friend to get the ticket from her and went for lunch. Esther was insane. She went stalking AGAIN during the break for a while and Jaejin saw her again! :\ Jaejin must be scared of you~. But she came back at i think 1130 to eat lunch with Vivien and I :)
And i really think our box is damn pretty! I love it love it love it! :D

Then headed back for the showcase and was under the scorching sun for almost 2 hours. My ass almost rotted D:

Finally we're in but there were only out at 3.20 when it's supposed to be at 3pm! D:
Plus my camera was hot pink and i think the flash kept appearing in front of them :S
Jonghun couldnt stop smiling to himself whenever he's playing his guitar <3 He's even more perfect when he played the keyboard <3

Alright, i'll let post the pictures up and continue it tmr because i gotta sleep now TT_TT
Stay tune here everyone! :D
here they are! Sorry I'm too lazy to post it here :\

FT Island Singapore Showcase Part I
FT Island Singapore Showcase Part II
FT Island Singapore Showcase Part III
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Ee-chul 이주
23 June 2009 @ 10:23 pm

psssssshhhh! My Okcat is looking so good^^ and the ending is hilarious!
Jay "wo change de bu cuo?"
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Ee-chul 이주
21 June 2009 @ 09:15 pm

(and zomg wooyoung~! *spasm*)
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Ee-chul 이주
PS to flist: there are too much 'la', 'leh', 'lor' here and they're just Singlish; the combination of Singaporean + English. Just like Junsu's Konglish! HAHAHAHA!

Random chats from just now:

Yuzhu; {♡ 해★민} says (12:07 AM):
eh why you so fast dump him(nickhun)!
Clarinda Ong . says (12:07 AM):
no la
i think all my male artist
all very hot
share the same equal level of love
Yuzhu; {♡ 해★민} says (12:07 AM):
Yuzhu; {♡ 해★민} says (12:08 AM):
Clarinda Ong . says (12:08 AM):
ytd xy say
wah next time i cannot have bf
later see one dump one
Yuzhu; {♡ 해★민} says (12:08 AM):
Clarinda Ong . says (12:08 AM):
husband see one dump one
Yuzhu; {♡ 해★민} says (12:08 AM):
i think the person who grant you all marriage also see you sian alrd
Clarinda Ong . says (12:10 AM):
Yuzhu; {♡ 해★민} says (12:10 AM):
huh no lah
every day
Clarinda Ong . says (12:10 AM):
cannt la everyday
ltr the guy slap me
must be loving and bitch
at the same time
Yuzhu; {♡ 해★민} says (12:11 AM):
WTH -.-"

OMG! Hangeng has a mole on his nose! -[O_O]Collapse )

I couldn't stop fainting every moment Clar talked .__.
"cannot! if not your parents will come ka-cha me!~"

And I officially conclude,
my friends are weird! :|
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Ee-chul 이주
11 June 2009 @ 12:06 am

Khun & Taec, WHY SO HOT !!! DDDD:

it's 12.07am here and I'm hyperventilating, so baaaaad~
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